Jeremy Forbis

Jeremy Forbis is a drummer, percussionist, songwriter, composer, producer singer, and guitarist based in Brooklyn, NYC. Jeremy currently drums for the metal duo Let’s Be Slayers and Burning City Orchestra. His own song writing and orchestration can be heard on his projects The Sea That Dried Up and Became a Parking Lot, where he performs as composer, vibraphonist & percussionist, and as singer & guitarist for his Majnun rock ‘n roll string quartet. 

He has played drums for bands like St. Vincent producer John Congleton’s now disbanded The pAperchAse, The Tulsa Philharmonic, Marnie Stern, And There Stand Empires, Kelly Kendrick, and Copal, has recorded drums for the Crash Test Dummies, and has opened for Deerhoof and Hank Williams III. Jeremy received his Bachelor’s of Music in Percussion Performance from the University of Tulsa, where he also studied orchestration. Jeremy also specializes in recording strings with rock instruments, and was the main engineer and co-producer of Burning City Orchestra’s first album, as well as albums by Let’s Be Slayers, Kelly Kendrick, and Antenna Lodge.